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Modified Silane Polymere (MS-Polymer)

Through the research & development of MS-Polymers a success story in bonding technology has been reinvigorated combining the properties of conventional bonding systems like polyurethanes, silicones and acrylates, without the necessity of keeping their weak points.

The result is a silane hardening, highly viscous and permanently flexible 2-part adhesive and sealant. The MS-Polymer is completely free of any hazchem certification and does full-fill even the most stringent Health and Safety directives and is a truly green product for the modern eco friendly work place. A green product …

  • Working processes are revolutionised
  • Without primer on many substrates
  • Homogeneous through cure mechanism (From inside to outside)
       Through cure is independent from surrounding temperature or humidity
  • Overpaintability (Wet-on-wet)
  • No pinholing
  • No hazchem declaration
  • PIF-free (Paint Irritation Free)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Usability is non dependent on surrounding temperature or humidity.
  • UV-stable, weathering resistant & non ageing
  • Outdour neutral
Adhesive MS-Polymer

2K PowerBond - MS-Polymer - pigmented
Full curing time 3-4h at all thicknesses – Shore A45 TDSMSDS Login*
2K PowerBond - MS-Polymer - crystal
Full curing time 3-4h at all thicknesses – Shore A45 TDSMSDS Login*
1K PowerBond windscreen – MS-Polymer
2h "drive away time" (double airbag) – Shore A57


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